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06/22/2013 – 06/23/2013

This June, the troop went on a trip to the White Mountains. There were many scouts that attended as well as many adult volunteers including Nick Rosen, Brodie Jackish, Levente Haber, Amby Tierny, TJ Coffey, Joe Suzedell, Eoghan Casey, Jeff Rosen, Sam Franklin, Tommy Olson, Joe Donohue, Mr. Hillman, Mr. Ackley, Mr. Jackish, Mr. Haber, Mr. Suzedell, and Mr. Rosen. We met at the locker the prior Thursday, to plan the trip. On Saturday we made final preparations for the drive up to New Hampshire.

Day 1 we stopped about halfway at a New Hampshire rest stop. Some of us bought snacks, while others just got out of their cars to stretch their legs. In just a matter of minutes, we were back on the road. After about another hour of driving, we stopped in Lincoln, New Hampshire for a short, but enjoyable hike to Georgiana Falls. Before the hike, we ate lunch and put on sunscreen. It was a bit more arduous than some of us had expected, but we climbed up fine. The view was breathtaking. When we all took our pictures of the waterfall and the view from it, we headed back down. Getting down was more challenging than going up, but all of us made it down fine.

We headed back into our cars for one last drive to our campsite in Twin Mountain, New Hampshire; Sugarloaf 2. We set up camp soon after we arrived, which was lucky because it rained just a few minutes after. We all made dinner, and went into our tents to sleep. Most of us fell asleep quickly because we were very tired, but we had another exiting day ahead of us.

The next morning we made breakfast, packed our gear, took down tents, loaded up the cars, and left for a short drive to the trail to Zealand Falls. This trail was much less steep, but far longer. We saw lush forests, small streams, huge marshes, and tall mountain peaks on our way up. After about two hours of hiking, we stopped for lunch. When we were done, we climbed up the short remaining part of the trail to the AMC hut, where we found yet another breathtaking view. There was also a small gift shop were some of us bought snacks and souvenirs (I bought a hat). We made our way down and finally reached the parking lot where our cars had been waiting for us. It was at this point when we realized that our amazing trip was over. We climbed into our cars and drove off to Cohasset only stopping at an Ice Cream shop and a gas station. We started unloading our gear after the 3 hour drive and left for home.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph Suzedell – Troop 28 Historian

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