10/09/2010 – 10/11/2010

On the ninth of October at about seven a.m., Troop 28 set out to Crawford Notch in New Hampshire. The troop had plans to take multiple hikes throughout the three day camping trip in the White Mountains. The cars taking the scouts to the site all arrived at different times but the whole group had made it to the site by about 11:00 am. Once the entire group was there we set up camp and had our bagged lunches. After lunch our leader, Greg Berube, led us on a short hike. On the way to the head of the trail, we went over train tracks and this historian placed a dime on the rails for later. When we came back down the trail we found a train had flattened the dime. It was an excellent warm up hike to prepare us for Sunday’s hikes. It took us about an hour to hike up the mountain and an hour to hike down. At the top there was an amazing view because the small mountain was located in the middle of Crawford Notch and you could look up either side of the valley. After taking in the view we hiked back down to camp and had a dinner consisting of delicious chili. After dinner and a day in the cold, everyone went to bed early to escape the cold.

On Sunday, everyone woke up after a cold night and had a small breakfast of cereal and oatmeal. While others dined, certain people started making Gorp for the trail and peanut butter and jelly for lunch on the trail. After that chewy bars were distributed, daypacks were packed and the troop split into hiking groups. There was an advanced hiking group and an intermediate hiking group. The advanced hiking group went on a 12 mile hike and climbed Mt. Webster (3910 ft) then up Mt. Jackson (4052 ft) and then down to the highlands center. The intermediate hiking group went on an 8 mile hike and climbed the Frankenstein cliffs. Both groups had lunch on the trail and were tired and hungry when they returned. After both groups were back in camp, we had a scoutmaster-prepared dinner of macaroni mixed with hamburger bits that was especially delicious after hiking all day. When everyone was done with dinner and the dishes were washed, the troop had an end of trip treat of s’mores by the fire and went to bed. That night everyone slept better after the hikes and were more used to the cold.

On Monday morning, the troop got up after a good night’s sleep and had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausages. In my opinion, this breakfast was the best I’ve ever had while camping. After breakfast, the troop put down camp and loaded everything into the cars to go. Once everyone was ready, Troop 28 left Dry River Campgrounds and began the drive home.

12 mile participants: Jack O’Brien, Luke O’Brien, Nick Rosen, Jack Thomae, Evan Ackley, Brodie Jackisch, Andrew Leighton, Pascal Marat, Kirk Jackisch.

8 mile participants: Greg Berube, Cal Robins, Dylan Marat, Joe Deyeso, Gavin Dunkelberger, Quentin Hill, David Hillman, Roger Hill, Rob Hillman.

Respectfully submitted,

Nick Rosen, Historian

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