10/23/2010 – 10/24/2010

On October 23, 2010, Troop 28 met at the Wheelwright Park entrance on Main St. in Cohasset to go on an advancement camping trip. During this semi-annual trip, scouts have an opportunity to work on requirements for advancement to their next rank. This trip was organized by Jack O’Brien and was special because the Webelos II group who will move up to boy scouts in April got to see the campsite and observe what we do as boy scouts.

After we met in the parking lot, we loaded our gear into Mr. Hill’s truck and he brought it up to the campsite. Troop 28 followed up the trail shortly after. Once we arrived, we set up camp and had lunch. We had until 2 pm to work on advancement, then the Webelos II group joined us. The Webelos that came were: Jerome Vainisi, Liam Geyer, Alexander Arnold, Sullivan Mulhern, TJ Coffey, Amby Tierney, Josh Liberty, Josh Rosen and Sam Gainey. These eager Webelos went on a short hike for an Arrow of Light requirement. Later that day their parents got to come see the campsite and talk to our SPL Robby about Scouts and Troop 28. At about 4 pm the cub scouts and their parents left the site and we resumed advancement.

Levente Haber and Adam Koropey made an awesome shelter out of twigs and branches for the Wilderness Survival merit badge. Later that night they actually slept in it. Other scouts earned their totin’ chip or worked on rank advancement. At around 5:00 p.m., the cooks started to make dinner. The individual patrols made things like hotdogs while the adults talked to us about better cooking and helped us make a sample of good cooking. They made an excellent broth that blew our taste buds away. For dessert, the scouts had s’mores but the adults were nice enough to let us have some of their dessert, apple crisp. It was absolutely delicious. After dinner, we did dishes and went to bed after roses, buds and thorns. It was a moderately cold night that most people probably slept through well enough.

In the morning we woke up and put down camp. After the camp was put down we had breakfast. One patrol had bagels while the other had pancakes. Again the adults talked to us about more elaborate and healthy meals. After breakfast we packed everything into the cars. When everything was packed away we went on a small troop hike around Wheelwright. After the hike we walked down to the entrance and left the park.

The following Scouts attended: Quentin Hill, Nick Rosen, Evan Ackley, Jack O’Brien, Luke O’Brien, Robbie Hillman, Reagan Butler, Sam Greenip, Adam Koropey, Cal Robins, Derek Benson, Ryan Conforti, John Clay and Jack Thomae.

The following adults attended: Mr. Ackley, Mr. Hillman and Mr. Thomae.

Respectfully submitted,

Nick Rosen, Historian

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