04/12/2014 – 04/13/2014

This spring, 22 scouts signed up for the Wheelwright Trip: Adam Koropey, Alex Fever, David Hillman, Gavin Dunkelburger, George Bryan, JC Centeio, Jeff Rosen, Joe Donohue, Joe Suzedell, John Clay, Josh Liberty, Kevin Perrone, Levente Haber, Luke O’Brian, Marcus Rowland, Nick Rosen, Quentin Hill, Reed Koropey, Ryan Conforti, Sam Franklin, Sully Mulhern, Tommy Olson, TJ Coffey, Tyler Hollie, & Tyler Mulhern. There were also 4 scouts from the new patrol (name TBD): Henri Richardson, Prawn Teelucksingh, Walid Omran, & Will. 5 adult volunteers came down to help out too; Mr. Koropey, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hillman, Mr. Rosen, Mr. Suzedell. Everybody met at the locker the Thursday prior to the trip. We all met at the entrance to Wheelwright, and hiked to the campsite after some last minute preparations. Soon, we arrived, set up camp, and ate our pre-packed lunches. Shortly thereafter, the scouts embarked on an adventurous hike around the surrounding area, climbing every mountain and forging every stream…and then got lost. We knew the general area we were in, so we were able to get back to the campsite easily. Some of the experienced scouts used this time to show the new patrol how to find where you are with a map when you get lost, by using landmarks. After the hike, the new patrol, Josh Liberty, JC, and Tyler H. learned about the proper safety and function of an Ax, Hatchet, Handsaw, and Pocketknife for their Totin’ Chips. Later, we prepared Dinner and the Spartan patrol cooked a delectable, mouthwatering, scrumptious Apple Cobbler. Everybody joked that “IT IS ALIVE” because the cobbler looked unappetizing. The campfire ceremony started about an hour after dinner. Each patrol did a skit. Some people also sang songs, or read ghost stories. We all slept well, and woke up refreshed in the morning, ready to make breakfast. We did a camp sweep after everybody had packed their gear and took down tents. As scouts walked to the parking lot, a light drizzle came in but it didn’t bother us much. We arrived to a parking lot full of parents who urged us to take a group picture before we had to go home. Most scouts would agree that this was probably one of the best Wheelwright trips that we had ever been on. I certainly would!

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph Suzedell
Troop Historian

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