11/13/2010 – 11/14/2010

On November 13 and 14, 2010, Troop 28 went on a two day hiking trip on Mt. Monadnock. The mountain is known as the world’s second most climbed mountain. Troop 28 had climbed Monadnock many times before this trip but didn’t always make it to the top. When we did the trip last year it was raining cats and dogs so we didn’t make it to the top.

At seven in the morning on Saturday, the scouts from Troop 28 were picked up in their designated cars and headed for New Hampshire. It was a 2 hour drive and around nine in the morning everybody started to show up at the campsite in Mt. Monadnock State Park. The campsite was spacious and had plenty of room for the tents and cooking area. We tried not to spend too much time setting up camp and were on the mountain by 9:30. It was a hot day and we were all tired and sweaty pretty quickly. Soon in our hike the slopes got very steep and tricky to climb. As we got higher the view started to become progressively more amazing because Monadnock is the only mountain for miles. As we progressed we started coming to false peaks which got on everyone’s nerves. Every once in a while as we got higher we’d see a ledge that looked like the summit but was only an outlook. When we eventually got to the summit we arrived in small groups that had split off of the main group. The view was spectacular as we broke up for lunch. You could see for miles and miles. There was absolutely nothing except miles of flat ground until we saw mountains on the horizon. After we had lunch and our energy was restored we headed back down the mountain. It took us a shorter time going downhill but everyone had sore toes from the angle when we got back to the campsite.

We got back to the campsite at around 3:00 and everyone was sore. As soon as we got back the cooks started making dinner. The cooks made delicious Dutch oven meals. This historian’s patrol had delicious mac’n-cheese with hamburger bits that was cooked in a Dutch oven. Another patrol made a tasty looking chili pie that took a while to make but was delicious. The last patrol had plain old macaroni and cheese. All the meals were delicious but not as good as the adults’ food. The adults made an Indian stew that smelled awesome. After dinner we cleaned up the cooking areas and did the dishes. When everything was clean and organized we did roses, buds and thorns. When everyone had shared their roses, buds and thorns, we retreated to our tents for a good night’s sleep.

In the morning, everyone quickly put down their tents and put gear in the cars. When camp was put down, we enjoyed a nice breakfast of bagels, cereal and oatmeal. Breakfast was good and filling so everyone was in a pretty good mood. After breakfast we did a sweep of the campsite and left.

Scouts that attended: Nick Rosen, Andrew Leighton, Jack O’Brien, Robbie Hillman, Greg Berube, Brody Jackisch, Jack Thomae, David Hillman, Levente Haber, Luke O’Brien, Dylan Marat, Joe Deyeso, John Clay, Cal Robbins, Matthew Fitzpatrick, Patrick Slater and Sam Greenip.

Adults that Attended: Kirk Jackisch, T.J. O’Brien, Pascal Marat, Tom Clay, Scott Robbins, Rich Fitzpatrick, Paul Berube and Marty Thomae.

Respectfully submitted,

Nick Rosen, Historian

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