11/14/2009 – 11/15/2009

All week we were watching the weather reports leading up to the Mt.Monadnock trip.   We all knew in advance that the weather was not going to be our friend.  So with this in mind, we set about preparing for our trek to Jaffrey NH, not far over the Massachusetts border.  Mt. Monadnock is 3,165 feet above sea level and is 1,000 feet higher than any other peak within 30 miles.  Unfortunately our first year scouts would not be able to enjoy Monadnock’s vistas.

This year’s trip leaders were Jack T. and Jack O. (or as we called them, “The Jacks”) with Tucker O. acting as a senior advisor.  At our special pre-activity Thursday night meeting for all Monadnock hikers, tents and gear were readied and plans for meals and patrols were made.  We all agreed to meet on Saturday morning at The Locker at Deer Hill @ 6:45 a.m.  Together with our scout leaders, we had Nick, Levente, Dylan, Luke, Thomas, Adam B., Evan, and John C.  The adult leaders were Messrs. Butler, Fogarty, O’Brien, Clay, Marat, and Mr. Oddleifson.

We departed the locker at around 7:30 am after carefully packing lots of gear into Mr. Fogarty’s truck and stowing away all of the great food we planned to cook that night.  The first cars arrived at Mt.Monadnock at around 10:30 a.m.  Scouts went into the trading post where we waited for everyone else to arrive.  Once we all were present and accounted for, “The Jacks” decided on what they were going to do because of the weather.  It was typical November weather in New Hampshire – cool, in the mid 40s and raining, sometimes heavily.  We decided not to pitch our tents and make camp, leaving all our gear locked in the cars.  The leaders checked in with the Monadnock Ranger (a requirement before hiking up a mountain).  We were told that because of the wind, rain and falling temperatures, the peak was closed to hikers.  So we continued with Plan B.  Numbers were assigned to each scout to keep track of everyone.  Then some of the adult leaders drove their cars to the pond parking lot.  The plan was to hike the pond trail then drive back to the campsite.  So the group hiked for three hours to the pond and then were driven back to the parking lot.

Once everyone had returned from the pond, Mr. Fogarty took the cooking supplies out of the truck so our cooks, Evan and Adam B. could start to cook dinner.   Even though each cooks prepared meals for their individual patrol, everyone ended up sharing and taste-testing. The meals were grilled chicken, stuffing, potatoes & corn or beef stew.  Even though we didn’t hike to the peak, we were all really hungry, so we broke into the breakfast bagels and the cake for dessert.

While dinner was being prepared, the leaders knew it was time for the troop to either pitch their tents or to make other arrangements. Because of the adverse conditions, Mr. Oddleifson led the troop in a communication exercise called ‘roses and thorns’.  After this, the consensus among the scouts and adults was that the group should pack up and head home to Cohasset.  So with full stomachs, we headed for the cars and everyone was home ready for a hot shower before 9:00pm.

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