First Annual Iron Chef Competition — Outdoor Cooking Tournament

This year Troop 28 had our first outdoor cooking tournament.  Each of our patrols had to prepare a meal using only the camp stoves and any food and utensils they brought. The patrols then submitted their meal to the judges, Christian Quebec, Robbie Hillman, Mr. Hillman, Mr. Quebec, and Jack O’Brian. The judges consumed their meal and at the end of the meeting declared the winning patrol.

The guidelines for the competition included using only camp stoves, bringing precooked food to the Troop Locker and creating a menu that included all of the food groups. The patrols competing were the Hawk patrol, the Green Moose patrol, and the Phoenix patrol. Because it was Eastern Standard Time and the competition was taking place after 7pm and the cooking had to be done outside of the Locker, gas lanterns were used to light the area where patrols set up cooking tables and stoves.

Each patrol chose the ingredients they were going to use and created their individual menus.  Meals were scored on taste, teamwork, presentation, nutrition, creativity, time, and cleanup.

The members of the Hawk patrol were announced the winners during the closing ceremony. Their meal consisted of braised pork chops, caramelized apples with onions, a salad and root beer float for the beverage.

Respectfully submitted,

Dylan Marat, Troop Historian

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