Scouts, if you need to change your RTF shift, it is your responsibility to trade with another Scout or otherwise have the shift covered, for example, by a family member.  If you need to trade your RTF shift, please do not send an e-mail blast to the troop mailing list.

We hope that Scouts manage their RTF schedule with their family’s help and participation.  Scouts who do this demonstrate two important Scout qualities, initiative and self-reliance.

As we get a new set of scouts ready for training and participation in the RTF schedule, it is a good time to review procedures for rescheduling RTF shifts.

What you need to proceed:
  • Current RTF assignment list
  • Your family’s activity calendar
  • Troop Roster
Six simple steps to make a trade:
  1. When you get the assignment list, verify whether you can attend on your scheduled days
  2. If you cannot attend on your day, find days and times that you can attend
  3. Make a list of Scouts who are assigned on days that you can attend
  4. Beginning with the first on the list, contact the Scouts individually and request a trade
  5. If a trade works out, go to the next step. If not, call the next Scout on the list
  6. Make sure that the Scout that you are trading with verifies on his family schedule that he can attend on your day
Once you make the trade:
  • Inform Mr.Avery at or 781-383-6043 of the trade.
  • Mark the trade on the schedule posted inside the shed next time you are at the RTF
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