As we begin to roll into a new year of Scouting, the troop committee has also made updates to the troop’s recycling fundraising process of participation.

We are returning to an inclusive approach that is different than the assigned scout shifts pre-Covid. You can choose the shift that you are available for over the next 3 months. It will be a first come first serve signup process using the link below. If a scout does not sign up they will be contacted and assigned a shift. So check your schedules and sign up as soon possible.

Sign Up!

Important change: Each scout in Troop 28 will need to complete a two hour shift with an adult (parent, guardian, sibling 18 or older).  Scouts cannot work their shift without a parent/guardian present for the entire shift, as required as part of BSA’s youth protection policy.

Many, if not all troop members know the troop’s fundraising, that supports the annual scouts registration costs, troop equipment, supplies and covers most of the cost for monthly camping trips along with an offset to summer camp, is done by collecting and organizing returnable cans and plastic bottles at the Cohasset transfer station. This role also provides a community service that scouts are involved with and is just another way to connect with the towns residence.

RTF Shifts – Fall 2021

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