2008-09-20 rail trail 0001
09/20/2008 – 09/21/2008

By 1:30pm we had reached Marconi beach, where we stopped for lunch.  This was about halfway on our Day One ride.  Altogether we biked 35 miles on Saturday. Back at the campsite, Julien, Brodie, and Robbie were our cooks and they made Sloppy Joes for dinner.  We were able to have a campfire, so we made “smores” for dessert.

The next day our cooks made excellent egg burritos for breakfast.  We had packed up the campsite before breakfast, so after eating we were off on our bikes by 10am. We made record time to the end of trail, however we experienced a series of problems on the way back.  Some of our difficulties including Andrew’s gear problems, Hugh’s flying potato chips and Mr. McCarthy’s exciting stopping method.

We were back in the campsite by 12pm and so all we had to do was eat lunch and get the bicycles on the trailer. We arrived at the Scout Locker at 2pm on Sunday and everyone was back home and safe by 2:30pm. Everyone agreed that the bike trip was a lot of fun because we biked a total of 50 miles, had great weather and plenty of food.

Respectfully submitted,

Derek A. Benson, Troop 28 Historian

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