09/28/2013 – 09/29/2013

This fall, there were 26 scouts and 10 adults that attended the trip, more than there ever has been in decades. Those scouts and adults included Nick Rosen, John Clay, Sam Greenip, Levente Haber, Adam Koropey, Dylan Marat, George Bryan, Ryan Conforti, David Hillman, Liam Geyer, Quentin Hill, Brent Landquist, Sully Mulhern, Eoghan Casey, Jason Conforti, Tyler Mulhern, Tommy Olson, Kevin Perrone, Joe Suzedell, Aleks Fever, Jeff Rosen, Tyler Holley, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hillman, Mr. Marat, Mr. Olson, and Mr. Suzedell. We met at the scout locker the previous Thursday to plan the trip; tenting arrangements, meals etc. Most bikes stayed at the locker until we met back on Saturday to load the gear. It was about an hour’s drive to the parking lot at Nickerson State Park. We waited a short time for scouts to unload bikes and go to the restroom. We biked for miles until we reached the end where some of us purchased snacks. After a small break, we rode to the beach on the road. We had lunch here, then some scouts played football, but many just relaxed and enjoyed the break. Eventually we left, and rode miles and miles again to the campsite, which was not to far from where we had started. We set up tents, started a fire, and cooked dinner. We woke up the next morning to great weather, just like the day before. We took down tents, started another fire, and cooked breakfast. We left shortly after that. We didn’t go to far the second day, only to the ice cream shop, then we turned around. We returned to the locker after another hour drive and unloaded the gear. This is when most scouts returned home. All of the scouts enjoyed the trip. There were three minor accidents (Nick, Aleks, and Me), but all victims were able to remain on the trip.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph Suzedell
Troop Historian

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