09/14/2013 – 09/15/2015

This fall, there were 13 scouts and 5 adult volunteers that attended this trip. This list includes Eoghan Casey, John Clay, Ian Dunkleburger, Aleks Fever, Quentin Hill, Brent Landquist, Josh Liberty, Max Nakashima, Jeff Rosen, Nick Rosen, Marcus Rowland, Joe Suzedell, Mr. Ackley, Mr. Hill, Mr. Hillman, Mr. Nakashima, and Rue Wilson. We met at the locker the previous meeting to plan tenting arrangements, meals, etc. We met at the locker Saturday morning to load gear. After a short drive to the boat ramp by the Taunton River, scouts played football to pass the time. Unfortunately, during the game, Marcus broke a bone in his lower leg and had to leave. As of our last meeting, he is well on his way to recovery. The waters were calm, and we arrived at the site just hours later after stopping for lunch. Though we had periods of clouds, we were fortunate to have no rain. Most scouts slept well, and the next morning we packed, took down our tents, and made a delicious breakfast, and soon left for the scout locker. Most scouts enjoyed the trip.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph Suzedell
Troop Historian

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