04/18/2009 – 04/19/2009
Camp Sayre

This was the trip that almost didn’t happen.  It was the first weekend of Spring Break.  Lots of scouts were away with their families.  It was nice having a small group for a change.   On Saturday, April 18, we met @ the Scout Locker at 8:30 am to pack up our gear.  Scouts attending were Derek, Adam, Andrew, Tucker, Morgan and Robbie.  Adult leaders were Mr. Oddleifson and Mr. Leighton.  We all fit comfortably into two cars and made our way to the campsite in about 40 minutes.  Once we were at Camp Sayre, we drove a full circuit of the campgrounds until we found a suitable campsite.  We set up our tents then put all the gear stuff in Mr. O’s car.  Then we got into Mr. Leighton’s car and went to the trail head. It was a beautiful day, a bit cool; just the right temperature for hiking.  We hiked on the Skyline trail to the police station where we had lunch at picnic tables and took a bathroom break.  Then we started back up Skyline trail to get to the lookout tower.  Robbie and Tucker had extra weight in their backpacks to train for Philmont this summer.  Robbie used bricks and Tucker had an extra tent and cranberries in his pack.  We stayed there for a bit then hiked back to the campsite arriving at around 4pm.  Adam got started cooking dinner.  Tucker helped connect the propane to the stoves for the spaghetti and meat sauce; the garlic bread was cooked on the grill.  We had a bit more food than we needed so Tucker “force fed” us second and third helpings.  We didn’t want to waste anything!    Everybody helped with cleanup.  After all this was done, somehow… we found room for the sugar cookies! After dinner, we played “manhunt” which some people refer to as flashlight tag.  Morgan was definitely the winner because he hid the best of everyone and he won most of the games.  Sadly then it was time to go to bed, so Tucker played “Taps”.  It rained during the night but if there was lightning and thunder, I didn’t hear it because I slept like a rock.  Reveille was at 7:30 am.  Our cook Adam provided bagels, cream cheese, oatmeal and fruit and orange juice.  After breakfast, Adam and I were picked up for our lacrosse games, leaving the others – still a little sleepy — to get ready, I thought, for another challenging hike.  As it turns out the remaining 6 campers broke camp, packed up and made their way home to Cohasset.

Respectfully Submitted,

Derek Benson, Historian

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