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Andrew Hoadley’s Eagle Project


Andrew Hoadley, 14, attaches the rope around the Lone Wolf Tree so that sight impaired visitors can feel how big it while walking the Tupelo Trail at the South Shore Natural Science Center. The Wolf tree was the only one in the middle of a pasture and dates back to over 150 years so it grew substantially over that time. [Courtesy photo)

With the help of the SSNSC and the Talking Information Center, Hoadley developed the Tupelo Trail for Blind Hikers. The trail features series of posts that detail the natural surroundings for those with and without visual impairments by including both written and braille texts for hikers.

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© 2022 Cohasset Scouts BSA - Boy Scouts of America
© 2022 Cohasset Scouts BSA - Boy Scouts of America